Purpose of the Award
The award recognises high research achievement in human biology of a scientist early in his or her research career. The award scheme is intended to stimulate research in human biology in general and encourage students to present their work at the highest possible level.

The award will be administered by a subcommittee (PGSA Committee) appointed by the Executive Committee of the ASHB. It will liaise with the Local Organising Committee and Programme Organising Committee of the ASHB Annual Scientific Conference, call for entries from scientists who are early in their career, ensure that their presentations are appropriately scheduled into the Conference and judge the entries.

Conditions for entry

  1. The award is designed to recognise high research achievement by a scientist early in their career.
  2. Candidates will normally be enrolled for a postgraduate research degree or be within 12 months of completing their degree.
  3. Each applicant should enter only ONE presentation for consideration for the PGSA and should be the sole or senior author of the presentation.
  4. The applicant will deliver an oral presentation of the work at the Conference.
  5. The applicant must also submit an abstract of the work in the approved form determined by the Programmme Organising Committee of the ASHB Conference (see below).
  6. Applicants are also requested to post a summary of their paper on the ASHB Forum in the section entitled "Student Travel and Conference Prize Awards".
  7. Previous winners of a PGSA are ineligible for entry in subsequent years.

Abstracts should adhere to the following specifications:

The award will be made on the basis of the abstract submitted before the Conference and on the oral presentation delivered at the Conference. The presentation and abstract will be rated according to overall content and quality including: adequacy of rationale, experimental design, analysis, methods, technical expertise, validity of conclusions, originality and innovation. The oral presentation will be judged on the clarity and quality of the presentation, content, and handling of question time. An award will only be made in any one year if an entry reaches a sufficiently high quality.

The Award
The successful entrant will receive a prize to a value to be determined by the Executive Committee each year, and a PGSA certificate. (Each year the prize is decided by the conference organising committee; in 2007 it was $200 plus a free conference dinner).

Please direct enquiries to the conference organisers - (follow links from the conference box on the home page).