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This site has been retained as a signpost and an archaeological reference


The Australasian Society for Human Biology, formed in 1987, comprises mostly members from the Australasian region (broadly defined as encompassing Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and neighbouring Indian and Pacific Ocean countries). However, the Society has active members from all around the globe and welcomes all participants in our disciplinary field of study and research.

A Special Welcome to Human Biology Students

We encourage all human biology students to become ASHB Members, since one of our principal functions is to support you in your study and research. You may complete your membership subscription online.

ASHB runs an annual scientific conference, the location of which varies from year to year. We endeavour to keep the conference affordable for students by offering conference travel awards. We also provide a student prize for the best student presentation at the conference.

Further, we facilitate student research projects in human biology. Students are invited to place their research proposals, or related ideas, on the ASHB Forum. The Forum is intended to provide an avenue of peer feedback, and facilitate general exchange of ideas in the field of human biology.


ASHB's Roles and Objectives

  1. to promote and support human biology research in the region of Australasia.
  2. to promote and support the teaching of human biology in Australasia.
  3. to promote the professional needs of human biologists including established research workers, research students, educators at tertiary institutes and secondary schools, technicians and support staff.
  4. To cooperate and form affiliations with other organizations having similar objectives.
  5. To promote the study of human biology in schools and tertiary institutes and to publicize the role of human biologists to the general public.



The ASHB website is hosted by The School of Anatomy and Human Biology, University of Western Australia