1.         The intention of the awards is to provide assistance for students to travel to the annual ASHB Scientific Conference to present an oral research paper.

2.         The value of each award is up to $500.  The Scholarship committee may reduce the value of an award to below $500 if the cost of return travel to the conference is less than $500.

3.         The Society will provide up to $3,500 for awards in any one year.

4.         Applicants must be a bona fide Postgraduate or Honours student.

5.         The deadline for submissions will normally be at least 2 months before the Conference.

6.         Awardees must attend the entire conference and make an oral presentation of their paper at the conference.

7.         The decisions of the selection panel will be emailed to students and supervisors within one week of the due date.



A Travel Award application consists of:

a)      A short written paper describing the research that will be presented at the forthcoming meeting.  The paper should be concise and of a length consistent with a 10-15 minute presentation.  It would not normally be more than 6 pages, including all text, figures, tables and references.  It must be on A4 paper with a margin of at least 2cm, single spaced in at least 10 point font.
Note: Applicants are also requested to post a summary of their paper on the ASHB Forum in the section entitled "Student Travel and Conference Prize Awards".

b)      An abstract in the form requested by the meeting organizers.

c)      A declaration from the student that they will be attending the meeting and presenting their paper as an oral presentation.

d)      An attestation from the Supervisor of the applicant's eligibility.

 Applications and supervisors' attestations should be emailed to the conference organisers (see conference announcement on home page).



Abstracts should adhere to the following specifications: