Human Reproductive Biology

Assessment Information

Theory Exam - 40%, Practical Exam - 25%
Practical Book - 10%, Group Assignment - 25%

Theory Exam. This will be a two-hour paper (worth 40% of the semester mark) in which you will be required to answer approximately:

25 multiple choice questions (40 minutes worth 1/3 of paper)
6 short-answer questions (40 minutes worth 1/3 of paper)
1 major essay question (40 minutes worth 1/3 of paper)

For a guide to the level of questionning you are advised to examine past exam papers. Be aware that subject matter may change from year to year. Past exam papers are available from the Course Materials Online component for the Library website. Alternatively download a pdf version of the 2007 or 2008 exam paper (with answers for the MCQ section only).

Practical Exam. This will consist of approximately twenty 2 minute questions (worth 25% of semester mark). The questions will relate primarily, but not exclusively, to material covered in the practical classes and will be comprise a PowerPoint presentation and short answer type questions similar to those found in the laboratory manual

Examination Dates & Venues. The exam timetable is published on Student Connect about three weeks prior to the end of semester.

Group Assignment. All Human Reproductive Biology students will complete a group assignment on a topic of reproduction, which will be allocated in Week 3. You will be given a general subject area and in your group (3-5 students) will decide which aspect each of you will focus on. A 1-2 page proposal summarising each members' proposed contribution to the assignment should be submitted by 4pm Friday 14th August (end of week 4). Each member of the group will prepare a relatively short (1500 words) essay on their specific aspect (to be submitted by 4pm on Monday 14th September). In weeks 12 and 13 you will present, as a group, your subject area to the class. More details are included in the restricted part of the website - see Assignments and Oral Presentations.

Practical Books. These are submitted on a weekly basis and attract 10% of the unit mark. More details are included in the restricted part of the website - see Practical Sessions. Answers to some practical questions will be available via WebCT one week after the book has been submitted for marking (ie 2 weeks after the practical session).

Formative assessment. To encourage retention of knowledge from the lectures and practical sessions, an online assessment (non-compulsory) is available, which is encouraged as a revision exercise. A link is also available to the Reproductive Biology quiz from Human Biology I.