Human Reproductive Biology

Lab Allocations

Students must attend one laboratory session (2 hours) per week.

Lab times are: Tuesday 3-5pm OR Wednesday 3-5pm

Students participating in Human Reproductive Biology 2216 will be centrally timetabled to a laboratory class via the Online Class Registration (OLCR) system. To assist this process ALL Students should go to the OLCR website to put in their preferences.

What are preferences?

The preference system is designed to reduce the clashes between lectures and labs to a minimum. Take care when allocating preferences to avoid times in any of your units when you have lectures or activities where there are no repeats. It may be worth devising a few possible timetables on paper before you start your allocations, as you are unlikely to manage a timetable that gives you a day off and/or no gaps during the day. Please enter preferences for all your available units. Note: not all your units may show as some units use alternative allocation systems.

How do I find out my lab allocation for Human Reproductive Biology 2216?
Lab allocations are usually available via OLCR the Thursday prior to the start of semester. For the first two weeks you will be able to change your laboratory allocation, space in classes permitting. No movement between classes will be permitted after week 2.