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Semester 1,  2011

Human Structure and Development (ANHB2212) occupies a crucial place in the temporal continuum of the study of Human Biology. The unit expands on the concepts of human structure and development introduced in the Level 1 units in Anatomy & Human Biology, ANHB 1101 and 1102. At the same time it sets the stepping stones for the second semester units in functional gross anatomy and histology, leading to Level 3 units.

This unit integrates gross anatomy, histology and embryology leading towards a comprehensive understanding of human structure and function. This feature underscores the fact that these components are not mutually exclusive, watertight compartments. They are, as they must be, interwoven to understand the full spectrum of structure-function relationship. Each of the threads of the fabric has logical links with others, explained as the unit progresses. The evolutionary spotlight illuminates interesting comparative aspects of functional anatomy. Despite such broad scope, the emphasis is on the learning of patterns of structure rather than mere masses of facts.

Since this unit takes off from Human Biology 1101 and 1102, there is some overlap especially in the beginning to make the transition smooth and again during later stages of semester.  It will be in your interest to review the relevant content from the last year’s units as you go along. If you have not done these units, the prescribed preliminary reading will help significantly. This will be referred to at appropriate points in the manual and on the website. Most of it is incorporated in the course reader. 

We are confident that you will enjoy the unit! Happy surfing!

Avinash BHARADWAJ,    Julie HILL