Week 1

Pre-lab : Histology Lab material - how is it prepared.

MUST read before the lab.

Using the microscope

MUST read before the lab.

Laboratory Exercises Laboratory Exercises
Answers and discussion

This week...

This week is for getting your bearings and beginning to study this unit.

The two lectures this week establish continuity with the Level 1 units, especially ANHB 1101. At the same time we introduce concepts which set the trend for this unit.

The labs introduce us to what we are going to do this semester. The experience gained in both these labs will be valuable in the subsequent weeks.

Remember : labs begin this week!

The tutorial slot this week is for a "Pre-Test". It is not meant to test you or assess you in any way. There is no "mark" given, and it does not count towards any assessment. However, it will show you areas of strength and weakness if any. If you discover some gaps in what you understood or remembered in Year 1, and if the Course Reader is not enough to bridge them, feel free to contact your teachers.
More important, the pre-test gives us an idea of any generalised areas of weakness and take appropriate action to rectify these. We expect that this feedback that we receive will make your sailing smooth.

What you need to do as self-directed learning this week :

Read through chapters 1 to 3 of the Course Reader online. This is of particular importance if you have not studied ANHB 1101. Even if you have, these chapters will help you revise these areas. Some of you may not visit this website or WebCT before the first lecture. If this is the case, it strongly recommended that you do this reading at the earliest.

Go through the Histology online pre-lab before Thursday. See links at the top of this page.

You also need to :

Have your own lab coat. If you need to buy one, lab coats are available in the Uniprint shop on the first floor of the Guild village.

Ensure that you speak to / write to Wendy Colangelo about timetable clashes if you have any. Settling them early helps us consolidate lab and tutorial groups.